About Me

Hello, fellow humanoids! I’m Featherstone (she/they/any), a totally unsuspicious denizen of planet Earth.

I am a passionate reader of – well, of anything that strikes my fancy at any given moment. As you’ll easily notice, more often than not that means some kind of speculative fiction.

The way I see it, imaginary worlds aren’t just some fun outlet from the daily grind, but also a great chance to observe reality from a different angle, scrutinising it with a refreshened gaze. Hence my love for books that, in portraying futuristic scenarios or mythical worlds, invite us to question our beliefs, ponder over our social dynamics, explore all the dark and bright sides of a human(ish) mind.

Themes of gender roles and identity are especially close to my heart, so I particularly appreciate when I see them properly explored in fiction, as well as I welcome the representation of a diverse cast more in general.

…Or, sometimes I’m just in it for a good story, you know? Do I contradict myself? Does it mean I contain multitudes?

Whatever the case, this is my place to share my thoughts, meditations, and occasional rants about books and book-related things.